Dana Pavlichko
Graphic Design, Illustration, and Ceramics

Kensington Tool Library

Kensington Tool Library color logo
Kensington Tool Library black-and-white logo

The Kensington Tool Library — a co-op in its beginning stages — needed a recognizable mark and clear messaging to better promote themselves and help gather funding. I worked with them to produce a visual identity that communicates the three main aspects of their mission with a mark that can be interpreted simultaneously as a ruler, bookshelf, and skyline.


Be a tool-lending resource: Tools are often expensive and can provide an unnecessary barrier-to-entry for those who want to fix their houses. The tool library lends tools via an affordable yearly membership


Offer continuous training: In the long-term, the co-op will offer classes on how to use tools to fix your own house, and support for becoming a member of the skilled trades.


Build strong community ties: The co-op not only requires an internal group accountability, but also actively works to increase neighbor engagement and adapt to the needs of the community.

Kensington Tool Library brand application on social media

As a group-lead co-op, the Kensington Tool Library's logo design must be effortless to use in various applications. The mark had to be easy to hand-draw on a poster and remain recognizable. The typeface had to be easy and free to access so that all members of the co-op could use the identity on future flyers, posters, and more.

Kensington Tool Library Logo application on a tote bag, business cards, and tshirt

The result is an identity that I am excited to see evolve along with the organization.

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