Dana Pavlichko
Graphic Design, Illustration, and Ceramics

Dana Pavlichko Ceramics

dp Ceramics logo
dp signature carved on the bottom of a vase

I love clay and ceramics is a serious hobby of mine. Experimenting with clay forms, materials, and texture is an important part of my weekly routine. To begin selling my work, I created a visual identity for my ceramic practice, Dana Pavlichko Ceramics.

My functional work is usually thrown on the wheel. Coincidentally, my initials (D.P.) can change orientation without changing meaning, which morphed into my signature and mark to refencing the spinning pottery wheel.

Dana Pavlichko Ceramics brand application on business cards and the web

Over time, I've been extending the design system as-needed with business cards and an online shop. I built my ecommerce website on Squarespace and keep it readily updated with new products, photography, and even brick-and-mortar sales locations.

Dana Pavlichko Ceramics brand application on ecommerce site
Photo of wavy ridges cactus planter
Photo of ceramic dice, dishes, and pitcher

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