Dana Pavlichko
Graphic Design & Illustration

I'm Dana Pavlichko, and I spend most days designing and illustrating. I work as a Designer at Happy Cog in Philadelphia where I create websites for big brands like MTV and Harvard. With over eight years professional experience, I've worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from higher education to children's television networks to quirky medical museums. I am most excited about creating impactful design that leads to positive change.

I began making websites and blogs at the turn of the century on my dial-up internet connection. This inspired me to earn my BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design from Tyler School of Art. When I am not designing, I am usually practicing my pottery, making costumes with my friends, or running.

Feel free to send me a message and we can chat about design, illustration, or our favorite soup recipes. I'm selectively available for new design and illustration projects. I'd love to hear from you.

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